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A professional multi-purpose mechanical gun is designed for applying various types of sealants: for working with tubes, for unpacked sealants with low viscosity, for bulk materials with high viscosity.

INVAMAT GS 300/600 is a professional gun requiring minimum effort to feed materials with high viscosity, which allows a smooth and continuous flow of sealant, resulting in a high quality of application. The handle and trigger of lightweight aluminum meet all ergonomic requirements and are suitable for hand of any size, providing convenience in operation for a long time. Made of molded aluminum, a lightweight cylinder contains plungers of a special design to fully use the material if working with unpacked sealants.

Recommendations for use

To ensure the quality operation of Atoll sealant gun, all working parts must be lubricated with a lubricant every 10 refills. After work, remove the sealant residues from the gun and apply lubricant (or analogue) again. Check that the stem screw, plungers, all external bolts and screws are tight. Tighten if necessary.