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INVAMAT 900 Fire-safety Sleeves

INVAMAT 900 is a fire-safety sleeve (cuff) that meets the requirements of GOST, ETAG, BS and UL organizations and approved by FM system, to form fire and smoke protection around installed pipe passages.


The fire-safety sleeve is designed to simplify fire protection of combustible pipes laid in walls and floors with an established fire resistance limit.

Applicable to plastic pipes with a diameter of 16-250 mm


  • Snapping mechanism for a quick and easy lock;
  • Flexible hook position for easy fastening;
  • Dismantling availability;


Corrugated box (20 pcs.)


Base materials Concrete, drywall, brickwork
Pipe diameter range 16 — 250 mm
Expansibility factor 1:17
Expansion 140 °C
Can be painted No