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Masking tape is a regular self-adhesive tape on paper basis. In everyday life, masking tape is often used to seal gaps in windows. The main purpose of the tape is the protection of surfaces during painting, plastering, whitewashing, and, of course, sealing joints and cracks.

The main feature of the masking tape is that after removing, it does not leave any traces of glue on the surface to be protected.

The paint tape is made of special crepe paper, so it is sometimes called a crepe. One side of the paper has a high-quality adhesive layer. Masking tape is characterized by a high temperature regime of use and good adhesive properties. And over time, the quality of bonding between the paper and the protected surface maintains.

It is used for protection of various surfaces, wooden coatings, furniture for plastering, varnishing, painting. The masking tape is also applied in the painting of cars and their drying in heat chambers. It is ideal for packing boxes and cargo, protecting surfaces from scratches during transportation, marking cargo and applying accompanying text labels to it.